In Azerbaijan, the law “On Electric Power Industry” will be implemented in three stages

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev approved the law "On Electric Power Industry" on May 17. The purpose of the law published on the website of the head of state is to regulate relations between the subjects of the electric power industry, consumers and government agencies on the production, storage, transmission, distribution, export, and consumption of electricity. The Law consists of 8 sections and 48 Articles. The Articles of the law will be put into force in three stages. The first stage - from January 1, 2024; the second stage - from July 1, 2025; the third stage - from July 1, 2028. The first stage provides for the implementation of measures aimed at separating the production and transmission of electricity, etc. The second stage provides for the organization of the wholesale electricity market, the creation of a separate legal entity in the system of the transmission system operator, and other events; the third stage provides for the creation of an independent market operator of the transmission system, and other evens.

Source: Turan News Agency