Ombudsman urges authorities to actively help women returned from Syria

Ombudswoman of Kyrgyzstan Atyr Abdrakhmatova called on the country’s authorities to actively help women and children who previously returned from the war zones in Iraq and Syria. Press service of the Institute of Ombudsman reported.

With the support of UNICEF in Kyrgyzstan, human rights activists monitored the observance of the rights of children who returned from the conflict zones in Iraq and Syria. Particular attention was paid to access to education, social and medical security, and socialization in society.

The Institute of Ombudsman provided officials with a platform to discuss mechanisms for interaction in providing support to citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic returned from these countries.

Atyr Abdrakhmatova noted that respect for the rights of children and women to freedom, education and medicine were especially important.

In February, as part of Aikol humanitarian mission, 18 women and 41 children, who are citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, arrived in Kyrgyzstan from the conflict zone in Syria.

Source: News Agency