Statement was voiced at protest action in Berlin regarding Khordad incidents

On May 20, a protest action was held in Berlin, the capital of Germany, regarding the 17th anniversary of the Khordad events, APA reports.

The final statement was read at the "Freedom, Justice, National Government" Berlin action.

The statement reads:

"Today's protest is on the occasion of the anniversary of the nationwide uprising of the Turkish Nation against national oppression and racism on May 22, 2006 in South Azerbaijan. Many of our citizens were killed, injured, arrested and tortured by the Iranian Islamic regime. As a result, that anti-racism uprising has been fixed as a turning point in the history of our nation. Also, today we are witnessing that the cruel regime of the Iran Islamic Republic has brought oppression and pressure against our citizens to such an extent that it is targeting the most innocent and defenseless part of the society, female students, with chemical attacks. For months, the Iranian regime has not yet found the persons responsible for these criminal attacks. In one case, the same regime identified, arrested and executed people who participated in the street protests within a few days.

We, as participants of this protest action, hereby demand from the whole free world to help all oppressed peoples in Iran, including the Turkish Nation living in South Azerbaijan and other regions of Iran, to get rid of this regime with a medieval mentality and to get their democratic rights.

We also thank those who defend the rights of South Azerbaijan in the international world. The letter of the members of the parliament of Israel regarding the protection of the rights of our nation was a perfect example of the friendship and love of the nations of Israel and Azerbaijan, and therefore it is commendable. Of course, for supporting and defending the rights and freedoms of South Azerbaijan in the international world, we must express our deep gratitude and thanks to the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev. Thanks to his efforts, the issue of South Azerbaijan has become the center of attention of the world community".

Source: Azeri-Press News Agency