Tajik Delegation Visits Turkiye to Exchange Experience in Digital Technologies

The Tajik delegation visited Turkiye from June 16 through June 23 in order to exchange experience in the field of digital technologies, reports the Embassy of Tajikistan in Ankara.

The delegation included representatives of the Presidential Executive Office, the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies, the State Institution “Formation and Development of Entrepreneurship in Tajikistan” and Smart City State Unitary Enterprise and Ilmkhon IT company.

On June 21, in Ankara, the delegation met with representatives of the Ministry of Environment, Urban Development and Climate Change of Turkiye and received the necessary information about the achievements, strategies, programs and projects of the Smart City system in Turkiye.

The delegation members also exchanged experience and views on legislation, activities and projects of technology parks with representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Technology of Turkiye and Ankara TeknoPark.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan