National State Holidays of Tajikistan Celebrated in Brussels and Cairo

Yesterday, in honor of the 30th anniversary of the XVI Session of the Supreme Council of Tajikistan, the President Day and the State Flag Day, a grandiose festive meeting was held in Brussels with the active participation of compatriots living in the Benelux states.

The historical significance of the Session of the Supreme Council and the constructive role of the President Emomali Rahmon, in the development of new Tajikistan were mentioned by numerous examples.

The main attention of the audience was drawn to the need for his full contribution to the implementation of plans for revival as an important national task both within the country and in its external relations with the international community.

A colorful moment of the event became classical instrumental music performed by a young composer, a student of the Royal Conservatory of Belgium Jannat Huseinzoda.

Also, yesterday, in Cairo, a solemn meeting was held dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the XVI Session of the Supreme Council, the State Flag Day and the President Day with the participation of the compatriots living in Egypt.

Ambassador of Tajikistan Zarobiddin Kosimi, speaking about the history of the young state of Tajikistan, the outstanding role of the XVI Session of the Supreme Council and the efforts of the President Emomali Rahmon, on the path to achieve peace and save the Motherland from collapse, as well as the achievements on the way to strengthen the foundations of our state, called on those present to adequately appreciate all these achievements and contribute to strengthening the prestige of the state and nation on the world stage. During the meeting, a historical documentary film was also shown to those present.


Source: National information agency of Tajikistan