Putin Calls for the Adjustment to the Concept of Migration Policy

President Vladimir Putin called for adjusting the concept of Russia’s migration policy. It is necessary to correct the current concept of state migration policy in connection with changes in the world. President Putin called for this at a meeting of the Security Council, according to TASS.

“The situation in the world is changing dynamically. There are new global and regional factors that affect the migration sphere, and we should respond to these factors in a timely and effective manner, improving our work based on a thorough analysis of the new realities,” he said.

“It is obvious, for example that we need to upgrade the existing State Migration Policy Concept. It should take into account the entire range of both existing and potential challenges and become the basis for further legislative improvements. I issued the relevant instruction in March 2020, and today I expect to hear detailed reports on what has been done and what priorities we will have to focus on in the near future,» he said.


Source:  National information agency of Tajikistan