Iranian currency to world’s currency rates for May 12

BAKU: The Central Bank of Iran (CBI) put up an official exchange rate for foreign currencies on May 12, Trend reports via the CBI. Based on the bank's currency exchange rate, 14 currency prices grew while 18 fell compared to May 11. As for CBI, $1 equals 42,000 Iranian rials, and one euro equals 45,254 rials. On May 11, one euro was 45,243 rials. In Iran, the official exchange rate is used for the import of some essential products. The SANA system is the name given to the CBI's announcement of the exchange rate to banks and exchange offices. One euro was equivalent to 483,566 rials and one dollar to 448,794 rials under this system. NIMA is a scheme for selling a percentage of the foreign money earned from exports. The price of one euro in this system amounted to 451,508 rials, and the price of $1 was 419,042 rials. On the black market, $1 is worth about 604,000-607,000 rials, while one euro is about 652,000-655,000 rials. Source: Trend News Agency

7th Kharibulbul Int’l Music Festival in Azerbaijan’s Shusha hosts remarkable musical duets (PHOTO)

SUSHA: A performance of remarkable musical duets has been held in Azerbaijan's Shusha during the 7th Kharibulbul International Music Festival, co-organized by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the Ministry of Culture from 11 to 13 May, Trend reports from the site of the event. Clarinetists Husnu Shenlendirici (Trkiye) and Huseyn Mehemmedoglu (Azerbaijan), Serkan Cagri (Trkiye) and Orkhan Musayev (Azerbaijan), vocalists Sanam Abdolazimzadeh (Iran) and Rashad Ilyasov (Azerbaijan) performed ethno-folklore concert programs. 'This marks my debut at the International Kharibulbul Festival, and it fills me with immense joy. My heart swells with pride! These are truly glorious times, gifted to us by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, President Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan, and our heroic army, the brave defenders of our homeland. Let us honor the memory of the martyrs. Azerbaijan stands as a beacon of strength and prosperity, and events like these festivals serve to enrich our musical heritage and proudly showcase our anc ient land and culture to the global stage once more,' Honored Artist, singer and qanun musical instrument performer Rashad Ilyasov said. Guests of the festival shared their impressions with Trend. 'Stepping foot in Azerbaijan for the first time, I am truly struck by the hospitality of its people and the breathtaking beauty of Shusha city-words fail to capture its magnificence. The majestic mountains here are unlike anything we've ever seen before! This international festival has provided us with the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the rich cultures and traditions of various nations. Additionally, we've had the pleasure of learning the Azerbaijani 'Yalli' dance. Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan share a deep bond as brotherly nations, and we stand united, committed to the success and prosperity of our countries,' soloist of the Uzbeki Navbahor song and dance ensemble Kendzhaber Sherzodaliyevich said. 'Visiting Azerbaijan for the first time has been a delightful experience, especially due to the captivating prog ram of the festival. We were thoroughly entertained by the Azerbaijani compositions and were deeply fascinated by the enchanting nature of Shusha. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the invitation and sincerely hope to revisit your beautiful country again in the future,' the soloist of the Indonesian Sendja Community ethno-group Faris Bindaryani commented. 'Organizing the international Kharibulbul festival in liberated Shusha holds significant importance in promoting our national culture and showcasing the beauty and grandeur of Karabakh, as well as highlighting the high moral values of the Azerbaijani people to the world. With numerous foreign guests participating in the festival, the intercultural dialogue for progress sets a shining example for nations and peoples, uniting them in the pursuit of humanism and the highest human ideals,' Hamida Omarova, People's Artist, member of the Board of the Azerbaijan Union of Filmmakers said. 'The Great Leader Heydar Aliyev once said: 'Shusha is the eyes of the Az erbaijani people. We will reclaim Shusha. The time will come when Azerbaijan will ascend like a sun over the world.' This prophecy has come true. Shusha holds our soul and heart, while Karabakh stands as the cradle of our national music and poetry. I recall forty years ago, my initial visit to Shusha was adorned with vibrant national celebrations, echoing with songs, dances, and folklore that depicted our rich ancient culture. Over the decades, Shusha endured occupation, its essence marred, yet today, painstaking efforts are underway to rebuild what was lost. Karabakh is once again blossoming into a land of prosperity, ushering happiness back into homes, rekindling the fire in our hearts,' said People's Artist, Deputy Chairman of the Union of Theater Workers Haji Ismayilov. 'Recently, we had the privilege of attending a grand evening at the Heydar Aliyev Center, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. The event was held with remarkable precision and grandeur. Now, we find ourselve s immersed in a splendid music festival within the ancient land of Karabakh, liberated Shusha, where a beautiful exchange of cultures is unfolding. Witnessing the monumental transformations here is awe-inspiring. Under the leadership of First Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation is diligently restoring our architectural marvels and mosques ravaged during the occupation. Numerous significant events across various domains are a testament to this vibrant revival. This collective creative endeavor, dedicated to our people and future generations, under the guidance of President Ilham Aliyev, aspires towards a robust and sovereign Azerbaijan, evoking profound admiration,' People's Artist, singer Natavan Sheikhova said. This year marks the 35th anniversary of the festival, spanning three days in Shusha and Lachin. Notably, Shusha has been declared as the "Cultural Capital of the Islamic World" for 2024, as decreed by President Ilham Aliyev of the Republic of Azerbaijan last November. The Kh aribulbul International Music Festival boasts the participation of esteemed masters of arts, alongside emerging talents, encompassing musicians, vocalists, mugham performers, as well as representatives from classical and folk music and choreographic groups. The festival's lineup features performers and creative ensembles from member countries of ICESCO, including Azerbaijan, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Guinea, Morocco, Trkiye, and Uzbekistan. Since 1989, the Kharibulbul International Music Festival, named after the flower symbolizing Shusha city, has been a cherished tradition. Its inception in May of that year, at Abdal Gulabli village in the Aghdam district, commemorated the 100th anniversary of the renowned khananda, teacher, and People's Artist Seyid Shushinsky. The festival commenced in Shusha and culminated with a concert in Aghdam. By 1990, the Kharibulbul festival had attained international acclaim. Throughout the Karabakh conflict, primary concerts were hosted in Ag hdam, with additional performances in Barda and Aghjabadi. Following the liberation of Azerbaijani territories during the Second Karabakh War, culminating in the nation's historic victory, the festival returned to Shusha. This year, the festival expands its reach to include Lachin city as well. Source: Trend News Agency

Kazakhstan’s gold reserve level increases significantly

BAKU: Kazakhstan has taken fourth place in the world in terms of gold purchases, surpassing Russia, Trend reports. The total amount of gold reserves in Kazakhstan exceeded 310 tons. In March 2024, Trkiye was the largest buyer of gold, having purchased 14.1 tons. India came in second, with 5.1 tons, and China took third place with 5 tons. Kazakhstan and Singapore shared the fourth place, each of the countries purchased 4.5 tons of the precious metal in March 2024. Russia ranked fifth with 3.1 tons. Uzbekistan was the largest seller of gold, trading 10.9 tons. Thailand and Jordan reduced their reserves by 9.6 and 3.7 tons, respectively. Kazakhstan has a total of 310.6 tons of gold. Regarding its reserves, it ranks 17th (excluding the IMF and the ECB), ranking between Saudi Arabia and the UK. Source: Trend News Agency

Azerbaijani judokas win bronze medals at Grand Slam

BAKU: Grand Slam judo tournament continues in Astana, Kazakhstan, with four Azerbaijani judokas performing on the third day of the competition, Trend reports. European champion Elcan Hajiyev started the tournament with a victory. Azerbaijani representative won in the 1/8 finals against Yermakhan Anurbekov. In the next match, Elcan won the Israeli Lee Kochman and advanced to the semi-finals. He lost against Yahor Voropayev (AIN). Hajiyev defeated Eldar Allahverdiyev (AIN) for the bronze medal. Vugar Talibov won Muhammedali Mavlidov (Kazakhstan), Kristofer Kaljulaid (Estonia) and Eldar Allahverdiyev (MIN). He lost to German Edurar Trippel in the semi-finals. Talibov defeated Serbia's Nemanja Majdov for bronze. Source: Trend News Agency

Uzbekistan discloses its trade turnover volume with Central Asian countries

TASHKENT: Uzbekistan's foreign trade turnover volume with Central Asian countries amounted to $1.4 billion from January through March 2024, Trend reports. The data from Uzbekistan's Statistics Agency shows that this figure is 17.6 percent lower year-on-year ($1.7 billion in January-March 2023). In the structure of trade turnover, exports to Central Asian countries reached $528.9 million from January through March 2024, which is 19.5 percent less compared to the same period last year ($657.4 million in January-March 2023). At the same time, imports from Central Asian countries amounted to $954.9 million. This indicator shows a 13.1 percent decrease year-on-year ($1.1 billion in January-March 2023). Uzbekistan traded the most with Kazakhstan among Central Asian countries during this period-$937.7 million. Turkmenistan ($235.2 million) ranks second, followed by Kygyzstan ($158.2 million) and Tajikistan ($152.5 million). Meanwhile, Uzbekistan's trade turnover volume amounted to $15.8 billion from January thr ough March 2024. This is 6.2 percent more year-on-year ($14.8 billion in January-March 2023). The country's exports reached $6.3 billion from January through March 2024, while imports amounted to $9.4 billion. The largest trade turnover volume was recorded with China ($3 billion) during this period. Russia ranks second with a total trade turnover volume of $2.8 billion, followed by Kazakhstan ($937.7 million). Source: Trend News Agency

Georgian Parliament will ‘fulfil people’s will tomorrow and day after’ – PM on adopting transparency bill

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze on Sunday said the country's Parliament would implement 'the will of Georgian society tomorrow and the day after' by adopting the controversial domestic bill on transparency of foreign influence in its third reading, according to At a press briefing held in the Government Administration, Kobakhidze noted the Legal Issues Committee's hearing on the bill was scheduled for Monday and the draft law, which calls for the registration of non-commercial legal entities and media outlets in the country as 'pursuing the interests of a foreign power' if they derive more than 20 percent of their funding from abroad, would be adopted by the Parliament in its third reading on Tuesday. "I would like to point out that Georgia is a parliamentary democracy and in our country, decisions are made in line with the interests of the majority of the people and not according to the demands of the political minority', the PM stressed, adding the legislative body would ensure the di sclosure of income and expenses of non-governmental organisations and relevant media and create 'more solid guarantees to ensure long-term peace, tranquillity and stability' in Georgia. He claimed 'sociological studies' showed that 'more than 80 percent' of Georgian society supported the transparency of NGOs and 'more than 60 percent' supported the proposed bill. The PM emphasised Georgia 'can not permanently live in the closed circle of polarisation' and stressed that 'overcoming the artificially created polarisation', as well as 'ending radicalism', was the responsibility of the Government to the Georgian people, 'who have already given us [the ruling Georgian Dream party] the mandate to govern the country eight times, and will give us the ninth [mandate] in [the upcoming Parliamentary elections] in October'. Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency

Azerbaijani gymnasts win four medals at World Cup in Bulgaria (PHOTO)

BAKU: Members of the Azerbaijani national acrobatic gymnastics team won four medals at the World Cup in Burgas (Bulgaria), the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation told Trend. At the competition, Azerbaijani gymnasts Agasif Rahimov and Razia Seidli, performing as part of a mixed pair, won a gold medal. The gold medal was awarded to the women's group, which included Zahra Rashidova, Anahita Bashiri and Nazrin Zeyniyeva. The silver medal was won by Murad Rafiev and Daniel Abbasov, performing as part of the men's pair, and the men's group, which included Riad Safarov, Abdullah Al-Mashaykhi, Seymur Jafarov and Rasul Seidli. The World Cup in Acrobatic Gymnastics was held in the city of Burgas on May 10-12. Source: Trend News Agency

“Garabaghname” photo exhibition opens as part of Kharibulbul festival in Shusha

A photo exhibition entitled "Garabaghname" opened on Sunday as part of the 7th Kharibulbul International Music Festival, co-organized by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the Ministry of Culture in Shusha. The exhibition, launched at the Creative Center in Shusha, features the works by 23 artists reflecting the history, rich culture, and everyday life of Karabakh, especially the history and architecture of Shusha. "Lalazar Bridge", "Saatli Mosque", "Free Shusha", "Pearl of Shusha", "Motherland" and other works by Azerbaijani artists, highlighting the history and fascinating nature of Karabakh, aroused great interest among the visitors. The artists, whose works are on display, also shared their joy saying that they will dedicate a special place to Karabakh and it's crown jewel, Shusha in their future works. Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency

Azerbaijan joins charity bazaar in US

The Azerbaijani Embassy in the United States of America arranged the country's stand at the international charity bazaar organized by the Muslim Women's Association at the Islamic Center in Washington. The embassies of other Muslim countries in the United States were also represented at the charity bazaar. Azerbaijan's national stand displayed samples of national cuisine, sweets, handicrafts, accessories, rugs, small carpets and other products of the country. All funds raised at the charity bazaar will be used for charity activities. The Azerbaijani products showcased at the event aroused great interest among visitors of the fair, as they were presented with "Azerbaijan" magazine in English, as well as informed about Azerbaijan. Source: Azerbaijan State News Agency