Foreign tourists suffer as a result of special operation in Dmitrievka village

Foreign tourists — citizens of Russia, Belarus and France, who lived in the second half of the house, in which a criminal was eliminated, suffered as a result of a special operation in Dmitrievka village. All their belongings were destroyed by the fire. Dmitry Anisimkov, one of the affected, told news agency.

«As it turned out, this terrorist lived on the other side of the wall from us. At 6.00 people in civilian clothes came and evacuated us. There are 13 of us — citizens of Russia, one citizen of Belarus and a citizen of France. Luckily, none of us was injured. But everything that we had burned down — clothes, money, bank cards. We are in Kant at the police station now, we are giving evidence. After that, they will take us to the place to see if there is anything left,» he said.

According to the man, they have already contacted the Russian Embassy in Kyrgyzstan. They were told that their documents could only be restored within four months. Tourists need help — they have neither a change of clothes nor a place to spend the night.

A shootout was reported this morning in one of the houses in Dmitrievka village. The Ministry of Internal Affairs announced elimination of a terrorist who offered armed resistance during arrest. During the special operation, two people (law enforcement officers) were injured. According to the owners of the house, the man rented the house with his wife and child a few days ago. They came from Osh.

Source: News Agency